Celebrating World Water Day 2016!

By: Nathalie Pratt

In Honduras, our team is continuing in our commitment to the Honduran “Para ToCA exchange 2dos Por Siempre” movement (safe water and sanitation for everyone, forever) by working in partnership with the Trojes local government to develop the municipal plan for sustainably safe water and sanitation. This will include supporting the municipality in the development, training and implementation of an effective work plan, providing the necessary technical assistance, assisting with the development of an investment plan, and helping to create a long-term monitoring and support plan. The result of this collaborative work supports better water, better jobs, and improved health for people throughout Trojes!

In Haiti, our team is hosting a special open house event today, at our Port-au-Prince office, featuring our WASH (WAter, Sanitation, and Hygiene) Training and Consulting Services. Local organizations are invited to visit the office, sample our training workshop about Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage, and learn about household water treatment system options. Demonstrations of the bio-sand water filters will be conducted throughout the day.

In Vermont, at our headquarter office, our team will be joining the Millennium Water Alliance by dressing in blue, sharing stories and promoting the #Blue4Water (learn more).

Check out the UN’s official World Water Day video .

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