World Humanitarian Day: One Day. One Humanity

By Rachel Peck, PWW Intern

Honduras-2214It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the seemingly insurmountable number of problems we are faced with everyday. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sorrow and despair others feel. It’s easier, sometimes, to try and shut out the pain and suffering of our neighbors, communities and the rest of the world. Making a difference, in a seemingly divided world, can seem impossible. Sometimes, it’s easier to ignore the hurt, than to help shoulder the burden. It’s easier to stay seated, than to stand up.It’s easier to stay quiet, than to speak up. However, there are many who have chosen to not do what is easiest. Today, we celebrate the thousands of people who dare to make a difference.

August 19, 2016 marks the 8th annual World Humanitarian Day (WHD). The United Nations designated the 19th as WHD after the terrorist attack in 2003 on U.N. headquarters in Baghdad, where 22 people lost their lives. “One Humanity” is this year’s WHD theme, promoting solidarity in a divided world. Events will be held  across the world honoring the dedication and sacrifice of all humanitarians.

At their World Humanitarian Summit in May, the U.N. and many world leaders, outlined an Agenda for Humanity with five core responsibilities that will be focused on in the coming years. They are as follows: Prevent and End Conflict, Respect Rules of War, Leave No One Behind, Working Differently to End Need and Invest in Humanity.

How does Pure Water for the World contribute to the Agenda for Humanity?

Honduras Mission PWW 2016Pure Water for the World (PWW)  works to improve the quality of life in Haiti and Honduras communities, through safe water, sanitation and hygiene education. By doing so, PWW has partnered with more than 200 communities, reaching more than 750,000 people in Haiti and Central America with life-changing, sustainable safe water, hygiene and sanitation solutions. PWW celebrates World Humanitarian day by providing access to safe water and providing communities with the tools needed to build a sustainable future. By empowering community members to effect change in their communities, we are not only working differently to end need, we are also investing in communities…we are investing in their humanity. 


PWW Group Photo-1718This day, and every day, we would like to recognize the many volunteers and staff members who have worked tirelessly in the field improving the lives of others. They are true heroes.

You can participate in today’s honoring of humanitarians by hosting an event, researching the five core responsibilities, sharing the hashtags #ShareHumanity and #OneHumanity, or by simply volunteering your time to those in need. Share something kind and honor those who work tirelessly to help those in crisis.  To learn more about PWW’s work and how you can be involved, visit