Weas Engineering: Supporting Safe Water that Saves Lives

October 26, 2017.

Weas Engineering, located in Westfield, IN, is a privately held, regional provider of water management programs for boiler, cooling, reverse osmosis, and wastewater systems. Weas Engineering customizes treatment services to help customers achieve optimal operating results.

In 2017, the team of Weas Engineering established a new initiative. They set out to find a nonprofit organization that would align with their corporate mission, values and commitment to water quality.

After conducting research based on established goals, Weas Engineering selected Pure Water for the World (PWW). PWW is also the charity partner of Association of Water Technologies (AWT), of which Weas Engineering is an active member.

Steven Durr, Field Representative at Weas Engineering, worked with PWW to launch the relationship. The inaugural goal was to raise $2,500. This amount would include a dollar for dollar employee match by Weas Engineering.

Steven worked with PWW to set up a fundraising page, directly on PWW’s fundraiser website. This allowed Steven to personalize his message to the Weas Engineering team but would enable funds to go directly to PWW. The process was simple. Steven just copied the webpage link into company email messages. Employees would click on the link to donate online or write a check and give it to Steven to share with PWW.

The Weas Engineering Team

Steven regularly communicated updates with the staff to keep them posted on their progress, incorporating different blogs and news stories from the PWW website to help educate employees about the organization they were supporting.

The feedback from the Weas Engineering team was strong. Employees regularly asked Steven how it was going. Were they getting close to meeting the goal? They were invested in the program.

Approximately 50% of the Weas Engineering staff gave to this fundraising effort. In total, Weas Engineering raised $3,596 for PWW, exceeding their goal. This amount can provide 12 families with comprehensive safe water solutions that include the clean water tools and essential hygiene education and monitoring follow-up to provide a lasting foundation for improved health and brighter futures.

When asked how Steven felt about the success of this first project, he responded, “People asked questions. They took action. It’s the first thing like this we’ve ever done. We are very pleased with the participation and results.

What are the next steps?Keep the relationship growing,” Steven states. The team is working on determining frequency and types of direct engagement opportunities. Some ideas being considered include an internal event and/or an external fundraiser; perhaps the sponsorship of a specific school in Honduras or Haiti or a small community and then travel opportunities for employees to visit the communities the Weas Engineering team is supporting.

What did Steven appreciate most about Weas Engineering’s relationship with PWW?
“The open line of communication. The PWW team is really flexible and easy to work with.”

Looking to get something started at your company?
Steven has the following suggestions to consider when launching a nonprofit fundraising initiative:

  • Know your people. Get them engaged. Understand what they want to do and what possible hurdles you may encounter.
  • Be realistic when setting goals, understanding what’s possible within the boundaries of your business.
  • Have fun!

Steven has generously offered himself as a resource if you are looking to do something similar and have questions. You can contact him directly at:

Andy Weas presenting Weas Engineering corporate match check to PWW’s Jamin Gelder at the AWT Convention in September.

Steven Durr
Weas Engineering, Inc.
Field representative
317-903-9327 (Mobile)

The PWW team is ready to help you set up your fundraising page today! Contact us at info@purewaterfortheworld.org or call 802-747-0778.

We look forward to helping you reach your company’s goals!

The Pure Water for the World team extends our heartfelt gratitude to Steven Durr, Andy Weas, and the entire Weas Engineering team for selecting PWW as your charity partner and for sharing so generously. Your deep commitment to water quality, not only in your community, but extending out to these vulnerable, underserved communities in Haiti and Honduras is very much appreciated. Your support will save lives. Thank you so very much.