Morgan Air Shares Honduras Experience with Team

The following is a testimonial shared by Morgan Air COO, Rebecca Wurtz, following her second trip to Honduras with Pure Water for the World. 

Rebecca Wurtz (pictured right) with Morgan Air team member, Rochelle Ann DenBoer.


I want to start by saying the trips to Honduras have become so very special to me! They are truly life-changing and humbling to say the least.

I participated in my first trip a year ago and it really opened my heart and eyes to a whole other world. I found the residents of Honduras to be so appreciate of our assistance. They have so little of the privileges we have in our everyday life, yet they know no other way to get through their day. It really puts life in perspective!

That first trip moved me so much that I made a commitment to bring this experience to some of my co-workers at Morgan Air. This year, 2 others from work accompanied me and have since echoed my same sentiments. It felt even better this year, because not only was I touched by the lives we helped, it was great to experience it with my co-workers as well.

Morgan Air team (middle three – Rebecca, Danny Meono and Rochelle) with PWW team members in Honduras

We have been so inspired, that Morgan Air has agreed to continue to make a difference by supporting Pure Water of the World for many years to come. Whether that be attending trips to Honduras, bringing awareness to this cause, fundraising, or all of the above!

Rebecca Wurtz