Featured Business Supporter: NEET

Announcing PWW’s newest business supporter…NEET.

Neet is a Canadian company that offers self-cleaning water bottles using UV-C technology, which enable people to enjoy clean water without the use of plastic water bottles.

One of NEET’s core values is that access to clean water is a right, not a privilege. That’s why NEET sought out a partnership with Pure Water for the World, to help provide access to sustainable clean water solutions and waste management for people in rural, underserved communities. NEET donates a portion of proceeds to PWW and offers customers an option to donate directly at checkout to increase donations.

Since NEET’s goal is to increase access to clean water in a sustainable way, they are closely aligned with PWW. NEET is excited to pursue a longstanding relationship with PWW and to help support reliable access to clean water for all.


>> Learn more about NEET.

PWW extends our sincere gratitude to the NEET team for your passionate support of clean water for all. With your help, we’ll reach even more families living in underserved communities with reliable, sustainable access to safe water.