PWW and World Water Day 2022

World Water Day (WWD) was March 22. This year’s theme was Groundwater: making the invisible visible. PWW teams in Honduras, Haiti and the US all celebrated this important global day that brings  awareness and action to the global water crisis. We received wonderful videos and photos from our in-country teams and wanted to share some highlights. Please enjoy.


WWD 2022 activities were in full force in Haiti. PWW’s Vildens Dorvilier (Program Coordinator) and Elodie Herard (Organizational Development Consultant) participated in a three-day event hosted by DINEPA, Haiti’s local water governing organization. This event allowed the team to learn about DINEPA’s updates and plans as well as develop and strengthen relationships with local community and governmental leaders.

Our Haiti team also celebrated WWD in our new Limonade office. Junior Seraphin (WASH Training Coordinator), lead an educational session, which highlighted the need for better practices related to groundwater protection. The curriculum for the day focused on highlighting the following:

  • Influence of groundwater in their community and its availability, even in the case of drought.
  • Uses of groundwater with respect to: drinking water, sanitation systems, agriculture, industry and ecosystems.
  • Causes of groundwater contamination.
  • Essential role of groundwater in adapting to climate change.

In total, 20 people attended the event, including community members, local organizations, and a representative from the mayor’s office.

Limonade WWD 2022











The PWW team in Honduras supported school-based activities in multiple communities, including: Tegucigalpa, Trojes, Maraita, La Mosquitia, Dry Corridor and Intibuca.

WWD events ranged from creating art, songs, stories and poetry that emphasize the importance of water for life, to creating water filters, to reinforcing handwashing practices. Here is just a small sample of the incredible work that happened in Honduras schools on WWD 2022:


Tegucigalpa WWD 2022 Tegucigalpa WWD 2022

















Maraita WWD 2022


La Mosquitia







Dry Corridor

Dry Corridor WWD 2022












Initibuca WWD 2022










In the US, the team hosted the 2nd annual Health, Hope & Opportunity World Water Day Silent Auction. This year, we had an incredible 100 items, donated by more that 40 individuals and businesses. With over 100 participants, we raised $8,117 during the auction. As promised, this amount has been doubled by Haiti matching donors, which means $16,234 will be contributed to support our work in Limonade, Haiti! (learn more)












Thanks to all who participated in PWW’s World Water Day 2022 events!