World Water Day 2023 in Haiti: Preview

World Water Day is March 22nd. This day, celebrated around the world, is focused on bringing attention to our most vital source of life: water. This year’s World Water Day theme is: Accelerating Change. This World Water Day [2023] is about accelerating change to solve the water and sanitation crisis. And because water affects us Continue reading

World Water Day 2023 (Preview): Accelerating Change

Do you know that one (1) in four (4) people on our planet lacks reliable access to safely managed drinking water? And, even though it’s 2023 and we have achieved amazing advancements, waterborne illnesses continue to be a leading cause of death, with an estimated 829,000 people dying each year from water-related diarrheal illnesses. Life Continue reading

World Water Day 2018: The Answer is in Nature

World Water Day is held each year on March 22nd. Created in 1992 by the United Nations, this global day of awareness is celebrated to raise awareness of the issues surrounding water on our planet. The goal of World Water Day is to draw attention to the importance of water and to promote the sustainable management Continue reading