International Women’s Day: Celebrating Women who Make it Happen!

Sunday, March 8th is International Women’s Day. The theme for this year is “Make it Happen”.

There is no doubt women are making things happen today. We read and hear stories about the impact women are making in their communities, across their states, throughout the country and around the globe. We celebrate their courage, their strength, and their commitment to making a difference.

Today, we want to highlight two women you probably haven’t heard about. Their commitment to their communities hasn’t made the news; they do not have agendas or plans they are working toward; they work hard for their families, every day, not seeking or expecting recognition. Yet, the impact they are making in their communities is undeniable…and life changing.

These women are our neighbors, just a couple thousand miles away, in Trojes, Honduras.

Wendi and DaughterOlga Susana lives in the community of San Francisco de Capire in Trojes. She is an industrious, single mother of two. Her day consists of working many jobs, including washing clothes, cutting coffee, and selling used clothes, to keep her children in school. But the health of her community is a top priority for her, so she committed herself as a volunteer Pure Water Community Agent for San Francisco de Capire. Olga is the “Guardian of Health” for her community. She ensures that water filters in her village are working properly, that latrines are in order, and that safe hygiene is being practiced so that waterborne illnesses do not plague their community again.

Wendi is also a volunteer Community Agent (pictured here with her daughter). She lives in the community of San Agustin in Trojes. Wendi recently spent a few days with our team of Health Promoters, as they conducted follow up visits in her community. The knowledge that she had of water filters, combined with her personable engagement with her neighbors, deeply inspired our team. She is devoted to her role as a Community Agent and knows that her work is safeguarding her community and directly supporting healthy, productive lives.

These dedicated women, and others like them, are certainly making things happen in their communities. While they may not make international headlines, among their communities and across our Pure Water team, they are true inspirations and champions of change! We honor them today.

To learn more about our work and to help support water projects in communities, such as those in which Olga and Wendi live, please visit: